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Party Wear Garara for Girls

The Party Wear Garara for Girls is a fashionable and stylish ensemble inspired by traditional Indian clothing. It typically consists of a flared or wide-legged pants known as “garara,” paired with a matching blouse or kurti top. The garara pants feature intricate embroidery, embellishments, or prints, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

Product Details:

  • Product: Party Wear Garara for Girls
  • Design: Flared or wide-legged pants paired with a matching blouse or kurti top
  • Material: High-quality fabric for comfort and durability
  • Color Options: Yellow | Pink
  • Size Options: 22| 24 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32
  • Occasion: Perfect for festive occasions, weddings, cultural celebrations
  • Additional Features: May include a matching dupatta (scarf), adjustable waistband, embellishments like tassels or sequins
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild detergent and cold water, avoid bleach, air dry, low heat ironing with caution
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